Why use Executive Search?

Clients who understand the current candidate-driven market often seek out the consultative and collaborative processes of an executive search consultant like J. Paul Partners. These firms value talent acquisition processes that give them access to the hidden talent market by engaging the passive candidates and identifying the few who are truly interested in making a calculated career move. They understand that the motivation for a career move is often a combination of job stretch, faster job growth and a richer mix of more satisfying work. People making career moves tend to have increased performance, higher job satisfaction and engagement, and, as a result, less turnover. Conversely, other firms choose to leverage the increasing advances in technology and value the efficiencies in generating a large volume of candidates through automation of the hiring process. This “Überization” of talent acquisition, or transactional recruiting, attracts only a small percentage of the talent market. These active candidates typically are motivated to merely change jobs.

Recruitment Trends

  • Passive recruiting, posting on social media, job boards, and career websites fill positions with candidates that in are in only 15% of the candidate pool – the active candidates. 
  • Active recruiting fills positions from a much larger candidate pool of 85% of the available candidates - the passive candidate.
  • Passive candidates make calculated career moves based on the potential for a net 30% increase in the total opportunity including: job stretch, satisfying work, defined track for growth, and culture change. 
  • A collaborative approach to talent acquisition results often in a 1:1 to 1:2 ratio of candidates submitted to candidates interviewed.
  • A collaborative approach to talent acquisition can often result in the client interviewing 5 or less candidates to make a hiring decision.

"I've have had the pleasure of working with J.Paul Partners since 2012. We've partnered on several accounts to fill executive level positions. Jim's recruiting expertise and professionalism make him valuable to clients and candidates alike. He's one of the best executive search recruiters that I've ever worked with and I highly recommend him."

Michelle Grinberg
Regional Account Director-Engineering and Technology
Adecco USA

Why J. Paul Partners?

Every company, from the pre-revenue start-up to a $7B enterprise, has unique needs for talent. An executive search firm’s approach may align perfectly with one client and fail with another. J. Paul Partners is boutique by design, limiting ourselves to an average of 12 searches per year per consultant. Our consultants own the relationship with the client and do their own research and recruiting which allows for a seamless and engaging experience for the client and candidate alike. Our hybrid “HiTech-HiTouch” approach maximizes the most current technology to identify candidates while maintaining the candidates dignity through genuine personal contact and vetting.


"I have had the pleasure of partnering with J.Paul Partners to fill high–end, niche recruiting roles over the last 3 years. I found Jim Janosik to be incredibly dynamic, knowledgeable and personable. No matter how difficult the position, Jim has always been diligent in finding the very best talent in the industry. His positive demeanor and networking ability combined with his thorough process of vetting candidates is the reason I continue to seek out his expertise again and again!"

Kim West
Recruiting Director


Meet Jim Janosik

Jim has developed a reputation with his clients as a trusted partner who is called upon to fill key leadership positions that will have a high impact on their organizations. These firms range from pre-revenue start-ups to $7B global companies. The positions he has filled include a variety of functions and a range of titles from Manager to C-Level with an industry focus in healthcare IT, land development/operations, software vending, hardware vending, and professional services.

Jim finds great satisfaction in applying the lessons learned in his early career as an executive in the golf and hospitality industry including directing the turnarounds of golf operations at high end boutique resorts. These successes were an entry point to executive-level roles in the fast paced development side of the business that included corporate officer-level positions at projects of up to $350M in sales value.  In both environments, Jim was able to communicate his vision to a diverse group of stakeholders that included Wall Street investors, high-net-worth customers, highly creative architects, designers, and land planners, state and local regulators, PGA tour officials and construction professionals. 

With the significant economic shift and downturn in 2008, Jim made the transition to executive search where he was able to leverage his past successes in building and managing high performing teams. In is off time Jim will train for half-marathons, prepare a gourmet meal, or enjoy a weekend hike in his beautiful home state of Arizona.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Janosik and J.Paul Partners over the past few years. Jim has done a fantastic job finding great talent in a very difficult market. He has a fantastic nationwide network and uses it well for his customers."

Andrew Watt
Chief Executive Officer


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